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Hair Extensions Salon in Manchester

Woman with hair extensionsIf you would like to add length or volume to your hair, then Tatiana's Hair Extension Salon in Manchester can achieve this for you, with high quality clip-in hair extensions and micro-rings.

You can have confidence that your hair extensions are in quality hands, with well-trained professional staff using only the best product - real human hair extensions that match your hair colour, whether your hair's blonde, red, black, brown or a subtle hue somewhere in between.

All hair extensions are 'virgin' (i.e. untreated and never previously dyed).

To book a hair extension appointment in Manchester, call 0161 236 4467

Clip-in and Micro-ring Hair Extensions, Manchester

Of the various methods available for the attachment of hair extensions, clip-in and micro-ring hair extensions are by far the easiest and least damaging to pre-existing hair.


Tatiana Hair Extensions

The first step in getting hair extensions is choosing the right salon. At Tatiana's we have a wide variety of hair, ranging in colour and texture. During your consultation, we will disucss which hair colours, grades, and textures will best suit you. The ideal blend for a more natural look often involves selecting strands from numerous different colours and not just settling for a chunk of solid colour. During the consultation, attachment methods, aftercare, and all costs involved will also be discussed.


Clip-in hair extensions have been around since Cleopatra's days and remain one of the preferred methods of attachment. However, most clip-in hair extensions use cheap, chemically treated hair that tangles easily and doesn't look or feel natural. The wefts tend to be chunky, too, resulting in a finish that looks neither chic nor natural and that cannot be worn for a long period of time. Synthetic clip-ins come in a variety of colours.

Seamless Wefts

Seamless wefts are an innovative improvement of the traditional clip-in. These clip-in hair extensions use virgin hair with the cuticle still attached for precision cuticle alignment with existing hair. Seamless wefts also use scalp-like micro thin bonding tape, lending a much more natural finish to the hair. These clip-ins are quick and easy to apply and are just as easily removed at home and even reused.

Micro-ring Method

An alternative to the Seamless wefts method is Micro-ring hair extensions. This method of attachment is the smallest and is often considered to result in the most natural looking finish. This method is suitable for all hair types and uses plastic covered copper rings for secure attachment to existing hair. The micro-rings attach to existing strands of hair for a natural blend. These rings will stay in place during the most vigorous of activities and will not come out unless deliberately removed. Removal of micro-rings is easy and can be done at home.

Micro Ringlets

Micro Ringlet extensions are a variation of the micro-ring system. Micro Ringlets are light weight and small, ensuring comfort for the wearer and allowing hair extensions to be attached in places unsuitable for other methods. These extensions provide an even more natural finish to the hair and don't involve any heat, glue, or other chemicals for attachment. Micro Ringlets offer both an affordable and sensible approach to hair extensions.

Whether you choose clip-ins, micro-rings, or Micro Ringlets from your Manchester salon, these methods offer an affordable and easy way to add colour, length, and volume to your existing hair.